Street Photography, the Decisive Moment, and Creative Thinking

Street Photography, the Decisive Moment in your photography, and Creative thinking all takes time and practice.

The more we learn to engage with the subjects, and the objects that we see out on the street, the more focussed we become.
Street photography is one of the best ways to practice your photography skills. It makes you think and act on your feet. It causes you to have to make quick decisions that develop your skills and lead ever closer to that decisive moment in photography.

Street photography and creativity go hand in hand as a way for you to develop yourself and your perception of life. Life is the environment we live in. Everything, including the good and the bad, influences us and therefore has an enormous effect on how we feel and think, and in turn, how we act.

I made this video with the intention of expressing the idea that you don’t need to think too much, or too long, in order to express your own creative self.

Photography is just one method that can be used as a vehicle for creativity.

Whatever it is that you like, you do in life, there’s probably a ‘gap’ in there somewhere, for you to find, which leads to you becoming more creative about your work.

In the video I tell you how I work when I’m doing street photography. It’s a basic idea that all humans experience and can develop into their own way of thinking and working – regardless of the activity.

I believe that creativity is the one thing in our lives that is constantly being pushed aside, destroyed, and forgotten for more instant lifestyles which offer gratifications that lead to e feeling of emptiness.

I also have other YouTube videos about photography on my channel – check them out, choose something that suits you.

Watch this video and find out how you can improve your photography with a more creative approach, and less technically minded methods.