Street Photography in Berlin during the Lockdown

The whole Coronavirus problem, Covid 19, has caused a lot of people to automatically go into watcher-mode. I did, after several days of news updates, about ten times a day, and exponential curves and graphs that became the graphic image of the day, most people felt exhausted and realised that all of this isn’t going away soon.

So, for myself and other like minded artists, I decided it’s time to get out on a mission and take a few photographs.

Street photography can be stressful, daunting, confrontational at times, but mostly very rewarding and very good for the soul.

Here are a few examples of one afternoon when I went out looking for something interesting to photograph.

Imbiß at the corner of Geneissenaustrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin. Copyright ; Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2020

A Light Narrative of a Rainy day

Copyright ; Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2020
Copyright : Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2020 “Deborah & Kitten”
Kitten on a window sill, Copyright: Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2020

What I saw

The above photos were the result of simply needing to get out and do something. My only thoughts were of people in shadow, or, keep my eyes open for that special constellation of people who create an artistic group. Even with social distancing, groups can be seen forming through normal human behaviour. people dotted along a street, keeping their distance and creating something like a line of ducks waddling along Friedrich Strasse, or when people are being extra careful and polite by waiting three feet from a doorway to let another person out.

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Street Photography in Berlin

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