Berlin Street Photography Book | The Art of Creative street Photography

I’ve been Berlin street photographer for at least 15 years. I’ve now finished my first Berlin Street Photography book.

I’m never too rushed, or over enthusiastic to hit the “publish” button; I need to know that what I write and publish is going to be of value to the reader.

Two particular books that I’ve published this year are interesting, and of great value to the right read

Berlin Street Photography Book | The Art of Creative street Photography

Berlin Street Photography Book | The Art of Creative street Photography

My enthusiasm for Creative Street Photography has led me to my publisher’s desk where I have compiled a series of street photography photos. The combination of text that takes the reader on a journey through my thoughts on the process, blended in with some of my favourite street photos, makes for an interesting and satisfying read.

Street Photography in Berlin | The Art of creative Street Photography

Street Photography in Berlin Book by Sean P. Durham Berlin Street Photography Book | The Art of Creative street Photography

Book Cover by Sean P. Durham

Art is a matter of choice of medium. Any artist worth their salt will tell you, that curiosity and the willingness to explore and experiment is key to finishing successful projects in art and creative work.

The Berlin Street Photography book took time.

The medium of digital photography is direct, quick, and captures a single moment in time which may or may not be of value to the viewer. It’s something that any urban explorer can get into, and enjoy – you never know, you might discover that urban street photography is right up your alley.

Writing is a flow. Its nature is flowing and twisting, it unrolls the story, sometimes like a dripping tap, sometimes like a bus careening through a built-up town. Story telling with words and camera go well together.

Street Photography in Berlin, is a mixture of my words, my reactions to what I do, and how I see the street. The book is 132 pages long, and contains a lot of street photos, all of them taken on the streets of Berlin in winter and summer.

The second book is “Short Stories – Love & Fear” (Previously known as, “Coffee, Croissants, and Broken Dreams”)

It’s available on Amazon and Draft2Digital as e-book, and as paperback

A compilation of short stories that reflect on everyday life. How we strive for love, but are thwarted by fear. Those sentiments were with me as I began to write.

The biggest problems in our lives are those that are driven by fears unfounded. Yet those fears can lead us astray.

The stories are reflections and fictions. I try to dig into the heart of the matter and reflect the ideas that concern us all; love and fear.

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There are many books on street photography available these days. After all, it’s a practice that has increased in interest for many photographers, and the digital camera has helped ordinary photographers to test their know-how, their knowledge, and their artistic abilities with the help of cameras that do half the work of capturing a photo for them. Many people like to switch the camera onto automatic, and go out and enjoy themselves.

The hard part is the “art” part. That takes time and patience, above all it takes the will to create something artistic out of what you see on the street.

I’ve done my best to understand the digital camera and use it like a tool – that’s all it is – my principal thought is always, how do I create a great composition, how do I handle the light and the shadows, and end up with a well framed photograph of a passing moment.

It’s all about what I want, and has nothing to do with an automated process of the camera will do it for me – that’s a mindless activity.

If you buy my Street Photography in Berlin book, you’ll find that it’ll help you gather your thoughts about making art on the street. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on another street photographer’s work in a way that helps you to further develop your own creative urban street photography